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Full Version: Please welcome the newest Redback DZ-50169 Elektra
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Please welcome the newest member to the Garrison DZ-50169 Elektra

Another little desert scavenger there's something going on for sure. Lock up your droids.

Great work Caron.

[Image: dz50169_full.jpg]
[Image: dz50169_head.jpg]
[Image: dz50169_thumb.gif]
Good on you Elektra!!
Congrats! Well done.
Grats grats
Congrats! Official status: Garrison Member!

Good job last Sunday... Wink
I knew it would pay off for You... Well done... Smile
Well done to you, keep em coming.

Two, two Jawas! ha ha ha...
Congrats! Doppeldaumen1
Welcome to the Redback Garrison!
great to have you here
Congratulations and welcome to the Redbacks Elektra I hope you have fun this weekend . Doppeldaumen1
Dirty Jawa...I mean YAY, well done Elektra Doppeldaumen1
Congratulations, nice work.
that was quick, nice work Smile
Welcome to the redbacks. Officially.
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