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Full Version: Please welcome the newest Redback DZ-50168 Azrael
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Please welcome the newest member to the Garrison DZ-50168 Azrael

Who let the jawas out....

Well done Wayne.

[Image: dz50168_full.jpg]
[Image: dz50168_head.jpg]
[Image: dz50168_thumb.gif]
Yay Azrael, Jawas are popping out everywhere !
Congrats! Official status: Garrison Member!

Love it!
Well done!!!

One Jawa! ha ha ha...
Is it just Me..???

But, Suddenly I feel so dirty... Wink Smile Cheeky
Congrats! Jig
Welcome to the Redbacks!
pleasure to have you here
Congratulations I hope you have been practicing you " Utiiini" call
Woohoo! Well done!
Way to go mate!!!
And are dirty...dirty dirty Jawa Lol
Congratulations, nice work.
it's a plague of Jawas!....lucky we have blasters to sort them out Smile
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