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Full Version: Voting for the 2012 Awards
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Just a quick note:

Voting has begun for the 2012 Redback Garrison Awards.

Redback Garrison Voting Form

Voting Closes on the 30th November, so you have a little while to think about your nominations before casting your votes.

Longfin Squad Members can access the LFS Awards Voting form also:
Longfin Squad Voting Form
All voted.Smile
Can't vote, maximum usage reached
All done
Hello Moxxxie, I have voted and submitted but it still comes up that I can vote, is that right ?
Man voting is way harder than I thought it was going to be. I htought I would have the people I was going to vote for all sorted now I'm second guessing :P

Also mox I cant access the LFS voting page.
"You do not have permission to access this page. This could be because of one of the following reasons:"
We're getting some clashes. It seems if you can only submit the form once on any PC or IP address.

I'll fix that up now.
It's allowing me to vote for a second time Moxxxie. The page came up, not sure if it continues once I submit my votes for the 2nd time.
Sweet i can vote for myself twice Smile
Done, good luck troopers.
Vote cast.
BAM! Voted.

Cutter likes Cutter's style and voted thusly.
Voted. Good work troopers and Good Luck!
Voted, Let the AWESOMENESS continue!
Voted, I think ... It threw me back to the main forum page when I hit submit, is that what it was supposed to do?
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