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Garrison hoarders,

The time has almost come for all those Garrison hoarders to hand over their secret stash. Coming in early 2013 the Garrison Archive will be re-opened again for collection.

Thanks for all those patient people who have messaged either Shan or myself and were told to please wait. We didn’t want to start collection before we moved residence in fear something would get lost in the move. So all that will be behind us in the New Year and we look forward to taking up our role with gusto.

Our plan is a 3 stage process of Collection, Collation and finally Resource. We plan to have an online database for everyone to access and view in the future.

So while you are relaxing over Christmas with nothing better to do with your time, start sifting through all that Redback junk looking for stuff to off load.

Stay tuned in early 2013 for info on how to submit to the archive, and remember: “If an item does not appear in our records, it does not exist”

Todd and Shannon
Protectors of the Archives.
Are you actually going to be collecting items, or just info and photos of items?
I think the idea is to collect them, so they can be displayed at events, etc!

The 501st Legion archives were dug out for CVI, and they were awesome to see. It's all part of our quirky, unorthodox history - and I think that in 10 years time, we're going to be thankful for having Redback Garrison Archivists collecting actual samples of articles, and merchandise!!

I've got a few bits and pieces of Squad memorabilia that I can contribute!
I have some Redback Squad Temp tatts at home, and possible some of the little stickers as well....
my last few squad items was handed to Kev for the 100th member thing so im all out. (might be getting a 11inch squad if Jason N. trades it to me)
I have the 11 inch squad members patch but I don't want to give it up.
(Wednesday 5-Dec-2012, 01:05 PM)Beanie Wrote: [ -> ]my last few squad items was handed to Kev for the 100th member thing so im all out. (might be getting a 11inch squad if Jason N. trades it to me)

Handed to who!?
yeah kev via you ash :P i hope you been savouring every moment with them patches....
If anyone can archive the heck out of archival-like stuff, it's you two Todd and Shannon - I look forward to seeing the veritable time capsule you will be creating. Smile
Yep we'll sort stuff alright. As Mox mentioned we will be collecting physical items people want to donate, along with virtual items on the web. Anything really. The idea is when we get physical items they will be scanned, photographed, that type of thing before making a virtual copy available online. Physical item can be brought out and displayed at selected events.

The submission process will be available online in the new year. The idea is submit which creates a job for us. We will know about the item then. From this point the submitter will send or give us the item so we can process. This allows us to track items considering the state of qld is large and people may want to post stuff. We have a job and the item is on the way, we can look out for it.

The submission form will also provide us with details to help fill in our online reference database.

That's the plan anyways. All will be revealed soonish. But yeah we will archive anything including people if we have to... I'm just gonna need a bigger freezer.
Sounds like you have it down packed dude. Cant wait to see what we have.
Cool. I have some newspaper articles I'll be able to throw your way. Smile
Can I just put this here.

This is the interview that Jase did with Myself, MSith and Gltich which aired on SavePoint on the 1st of December
Nope not here. Not quite ready to accept, and there is a special area for submissions coming in the near future. This thread is just an update about what will be happening not the actual archive thread.

But hang on to it. If you are able to save out internet videos please do in the mean time in case it disappears.
i can rip it down when i get home if i remember Smile
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