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Full Version: Please welcome 181st Pilot stormraven
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Please welcome another first to the Redback ranks 181st Pilot stormraven.

We are waiting for the 181st designation to be posted up, but Bryan is all cleared and ready to go!

Congrats Bryan I know you have been hanging out for this one for some time. Well done

Now go report for active flight duty. There's an asteroid out there with your number on it.

Pics to come
Congrat's Bryan.
Way to go Bryan Doppeldaumen1 Love your work and always happy to help again!

[Image: DSCF7971.jpg?t=1353841741]
Nice work dude
congrats mate!
go Stormy
Well done!!!
Well done Bryan... Smile You are helping the Redbacks lead the way again... Wink
Looking good pilot!!
nice work!
Congrats Bryan Doppeldaumen1
Yay for you!!!Doppeldaumen1Congrats Bryan
Good work, mate! Doppeldaumen1
Well done Peace
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