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Full Version: Please welcome the newest Redback SC3409
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Please make welcome not just a Redback or Australian first but a Legion first.

The first approved Santa TK SC3409 Amazing Present Organising Kringle

Some of you might remember seeing him all but fleetingly in the movies, here are some screen grabs that he used as reference images for the build.

[Image: SantaTrooper4.png]

[Image: SantaTrooper1.png]

[Image: SantaTrooper3.png]

[Image: SantaTrooper2.png]

I am surprised it has taken this long to get one in the Legion because there is also an action figure.
[Image: SantaTrooper5CardedFigure.png]

He also made an appearance at the Redback Awards night.
[Image: IMG_5244Medium.jpg]

So congratulations SC3409 Amazing Present Organising Kringle
I know it has been a longtime coming.....well DONE!!!
what the....???

new CRL and Detachment i guess?

Just wait for the merch every December Santa Aaaah Im assuming that Princess in front of you was on your naugthty list Lol
such workmanship... looks like he walked right off the set
Congratulations, Kringle! Awesome job!!!
Seems LegitDoppeldaumen1
This is full of awesome Smile
made my night. thanks!
Very cool.... But will the reindeer scouts be in the same detachment? [attachment=1283]
Right along side Darth Santa. :P

Well done Mr Kringle.
So awesome :P
Who is this guy? Never met him but I hear I am on the naughty list again. I will have to buy him a beer to try and change that.
That's so freakin Awesome!!! Peace

And yes APOK, you are sooooo on the naughty list. Hehehe
haha :P nice one
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