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Full Version: Please welcome DZ-6053 ashbash
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Just when you thought you have seen the last of them...another Jawa has just popped up....DZ-6053 ashbash.

Excellent work Ash, go join your clan UTC!!!
[Image: dz6053_full.jpg] [Image: dz6053_head.jpg]
Well done Ash bash!!!! Love your work Jig
Good work u bunch of crazy jaw as!
Nice work Ash, Love your photos :P
congrats ash
Congrats Ash, it looks really good!
Great jumping Jawas Hurra congratulations Ashbash. Hehehe
Welcome aboard, to the Dirty little Jawa Train... Whoo, whoo

You're a natural, Ash...Doppeldaumen1 Well done!
Lock up your speeders everyone !

Well done Ash
Congrats Ash, another Tatooine resident is in da house!!Jig
Yay! Congrats!

Glad you made it to the coolest Jawa Clan ever. Peace
Another sneaky pilfering jawa, way to go ash .
Jumping jawas...a Sandtrooper's worst nightmare...nice work Smile
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