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At 9pm tonight, the Redback Garrison ended its probationary period and became a full Garrison of the 501st Legion.

I do not intend to write one of my epic monologues to celebrate the event (I can hear the many members of the Garrison breathe a sigh of relief at THAT).

It will suffice to say that one word can describe how we got to this position.


A word of Greek origin, meaning:

The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

No one person is the Garrison; we are all an equal part of the Garrison, but together our combined ‘sum’ makes it something greater than the individual constituent parts.

Well Done Redbacks!

Kev Vader
Commanding Officer
Redback Garrison
501st Legion
Can we break out the bubbly now?
BigdanceDrink up!PartyHurraHurrahBeerchugYahoo

Go The Redbacks! Officially official. DancingTK

Well done to us all, Its amazing how far weve come as a group. Bring on the future!
yay Hurra Hurra Hurra Hurra

the members of a group, no matter how weak or strong are always stronger as a united whole then any single opposition/challenge ... or somthing like that anyway Peace
Bring on the merch!!!! Hehehe
Happy Birthday Redbacks!!

Rock on!
GO REDBACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Party
Yay, glad to be official!!!
Its like a Big Family
Damn that went quick. WOOT WOO
That is so cool!!!
That is TOO Awesome! :D Congrats to EVERYONE!

I'd better start saving some pennies for the upcoming Merch..Smile
greatlets get them patches going and shirts Wink
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