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Note: Members who wish to volunteer as POC for an event listed, please PM the Garrison Event Co-ordinators.
# Date: Status: Title: Location: Organiser: RSVP:
1Wed 13-Jun-2018POC RequiredMy Saga - A Star Wars Documentary World Premiere
2Fri 6-Jul-2018POC RequiredLady Cilento Children's Hospital Mid Year Party
3Sun 22-Jul-2018POC RequiredFragile X Awareness Day
4Sat 28-Jul-2018POC RequiredSt Columba's Primary School Great Fete
5Wed 8-Aug-2018POC RequiredLady Cilento Children’s Hospital EKKA Party
6Fri 31-Aug-2018POC RequiredHoward State School Twilight Fete
7Sun 23-Sep-2018POC RequiredSony Foundation Children's Holiday Camp
8Sat 29-Sep-2018POC RequiredLady Cilento Children's Hospital Riverfire Party
9Sat 13-Oct-2018POC RequiredToowoomba East State School Fete
10Fri 19-Oct-2018POC RequiredChildren's Health Queensland ANZBA Conference
11Wed 31-Oct-2018POC RequiredLady Cilento Children's Hospital Halloween Party
12Sun 2-Dec-2018POC RequiredSTEPS Autism Treehouse
13Fri 14-Dec-2018POC RequiredLady Cilento Children's Hospital Christmas Party