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St Andrew’s Outside School Hours Care Star Wars Day - Diatium - Friday 15-Apr-2016

Troop Date:
Thursday 7th April 2016


To attend the Star Wars themed Day.

Charitable Donation/Amount:
$300 to Kidney Health Australia

RB Members:

Dark Dora JAWA

Teiwaz TB

Diatium TK

Whitey RC

Scotty33 TK

RL Members

Stormraven Jedi

Support crew/ wranglers

Darth Temptress

And all the Staff from the venu Notworthy

This troop was a fun little troop for 60 or so little troopers to be Wink

We deployed the wanted prop for this little event, as the Vacation care wanted to make sure the kids had their own framed photo to take home with them to remember this fun and amazing day.Jig

But before the photos the kids had to be warmed up with some Star Wars education.
Which was well looked after by Teiwaz,Dark Dora and Stormraven.[img][Image: DSC_0022_zpssbbkdse4.jpg][/img][img][Image: DSC_0023_zpst8yjbq1d.jpg][/img]

I still have no idea on what the Jawa was saying,However the kids seem too!Jawa

Of cause we needed to make sure to give some helpful advice and rules.[img][Image: DSC_0019_zpsgvycubue.jpg][/img][img][Image: DSC_0020_zpsiovmkoaw.jpg][/img]

It was Darth Temptress's first time on wrangling duties.[img][Image: 12919729_10209882763004469_2110287868802...ysut5r.jpg][/img]
Darth Temptress and the staff from the center did amazing job of controlling the kids.
We all felt safe and had no casualtiesDoppeldaumen1

This center is part of a large chain of centers and the Managing director was very happy and pleased with us. She told Whitey that she will be sending a big email to there head office,to say how great we are and to suggest that more centers request us in the future.[img][Image: 12523834_10209882762764463_8018966628814...6ivyoe.jpg][/img]
I would like to thank everyone involved with this troop for taking the time out of there busy weeks to help me to make a bang at St Andrew’s Outside School Hours Care Star Wars Day. "Scotty33 drove with his family all the way from Toowoomba" Notworthy Thank you.
[img][Image: 12932760_10209882762484456_3769360859667...eqqs5y.jpg][/img]

Thank you to Stormraven for trying to convert all the kids to becoming jedi by dressing them up in jedi robes for each of there photo's.

Thank you to Whitey and Teiwaz for entertaining the kids. Whitey putting on silly hats And somehow Teiwaz riding around the room on a small stuffed unicornHehehe"somethings can't be unseen Cheeky[img][Image: DSC_0017_zpsxqwvcfsp.jpg][/img]

Oh and a special thank you to Dark Dora for my sleepless nights of hearing 60 kid's in my head chanting JAWA JAWA JAWA over and over again

RE: St Andrew’s Outside School Hours Care Star Wars Day - Chiro - Friday 15-Apr-2016

Great work gang!

RE: St Andrew’s Outside School Hours Care Star Wars Day - Imperial Drone - Friday 15-Apr-2016

Good work guys! Looks like the GA is gonna get an influx of little troopers and Jedi Smile

RE: St Andrew’s Outside School Hours Care Star Wars Day - Scotty33 - Friday 15-Apr-2016

Thanks for having us, this was a fun troop. Kids were well behaved and lunch afterwards was a lot of fun.