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Newest Redbacks - muppet - Wednesday 25-Oct-2017

IThere has been a few new Redbacks recently approved, but unfortunately I havent been able to update their Roster images.

Please welcome the following

Iceman - BH20121- Isaac with his Greedo
Deathray TR23473 - Daniel with his Shadow Guard
Hesho -TK18772 Adrian with his TK ANH Stunt
Dreadnought - BH42198 - Jason with ROTJ Boba
Nighthawk -ID17168 - Trevor with his Officer

There has also been a stack of new costumes approved for existing members.

Kaladan - Scanning Crew
                Reserve Pilot
                 AT-AT Commander
                 Imperial Line Officer
 Wendal - Kylo Ren
Big Dub-  Reserve Pilot
Nilrem - SnowTrooper
Squid - Tusken
Booster- Crewman
Noen - AT-AT Commander
Disco - ANH Stunt Stormtrooper

RE: Newest Redbacks - Beanie - Wednesday 25-Oct-2017

if you need image rosters done, send them to me until you sort your PC out.

RE: Newest Redbacks - cyclops - Wednesday 25-Oct-2017

Congratulations and welcome to all .

Newest Redbacks - Duras - Wednesday 25-Oct-2017

Gratz to all!

RE: Newest Redbacks - DarkFather - Wednesday 25-Oct-2017

Congrats to everyone, and welcome to the new members.

Newest Redbacks - Iceheart - Wednesday 25-Oct-2017

Welcome and congrats.

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RE: Newest Redbacks - Diatium - Wednesday 25-Oct-2017

Welcome and congrats to all!

RE: Newest Redbacks - Dark Dora - Wednesday 25-Oct-2017

Congratulations everyone

RE: Newest Redbacks - Imperial Drone - Wednesday 25-Oct-2017

Congrats to all!

RE: Newest Redbacks - Nilrem - Wednesday 25-Oct-2017

Welcome and congrats to the latest Redbacks, great work on your approvals. Congrats to the troopers with the new kits!

RE: Newest Redbacks - APOK - Wednesday 25-Oct-2017

Excellent work troopers. Great additions to the garrison.

RE: Newest Redbacks - Wendell - Wednesday 25-Oct-2017

Welcome to the new Redback's and congrats to everyone with those new costumes.

RE: Newest Redbacks - TripleSix - Wednesday 25-Oct-2017

Multi-Congrats! Flood gates are opened!

RE: Newest Redbacks - Bally - Wednesday 25-Oct-2017

Awesome work guys.

RE: Newest Redbacks - Teiwaz - Wednesday 25-Oct-2017

Congratulations all, looking forward to seeing these new costumes.