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Tros Event cinema Chermside Midnight launch - Sly - Friday 3-Jan-2020

Date: Wednesday 18th of December 2019

Venue: Event Cinemas Springfield Lakes

Time: 9.30pm - 12am

Mission: Once again bring Starr Wars character to a midnight screening at Event Chermside

Trooper Attendance:
Kelz TI17305
Teiwaz TK12311
Imperial Drone IG10708
Wrexham TK91167
Mykill TI20552
Bikuchan SL81915
Kaladan IS19958
Dark Dora DZ70809
Bam TK19699
Sly TK11469
Disco TK90373

Redav 3PO 9893
Plus 2 Rebel Legion who I do not know.
Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance:
Chiro TK24476 Wrangler
Harves4556 ISB24568  Guest trooper from Malaysia Garrison

General report:
We started the night at a local feed station to gain sustenance for the night ahead.
We were as always, well looked after by Tanya the manager, with plenty of snacks food and water in our change room.
Crowds started to build after 10 pm and with a DJ playing tunes and a couple of backdrops supplied by he cinema, loads of photos and fun ensued.
Charity Funds Raised: $154.50 for Hear and Say

Injuries / Malfunctions: None were reported

Public Incidents: None

Mission Status: Another success!


[Image: cQCcXP6.jpg]

[Image: PiqTdAU.jpg]

RE: Tros Event cinema Chermside Midnight launch - cyclops - Friday 3-Jan-2020

Nice work everyone .