Tingalpa State School May the 4th Be With You day
Date: May the 4th, 2016

Venue: Tingalpa State Primary School

Time: 7:30am - 9:00am

Mission: To help Tingalpa State School celebrate May the 4th

Trooper Attendance:
Diatium - TK
Xenotrap - Nihilus
Donut - TK

Xenotrap was the first to arrive on site and was soon joined by Diatium and I. After suiting up, we were soon greeted by an excitable school Chaplain dressed in Jedi garb, and the event contact who led us down to the school oval, where the morning's events were taking place.
As the bright morning sun beat down, we were greeted by dozens of pint-sized Star Wars characters - Tiny Stormtroopers, Darth Vaders, Kylo Ren's and more Rey's and Leia's than we thought possible!
There was even a cardboard R2-D2 costume that made noise!

One brave Rey challenged Darth Nihilus to a lightsaber duel. Even though she was only 1/4 his height, she emerged from the battle the victor, and spent the morning regaling her friends with the tale of how she "really, truly beat him in a sword fight!"

All the Rey's seems to move as a single entity... flocking together and moving about the oval in a wave of sandy coloured clothing and braided hair.
Like Velociraptors, they moved in packs, and they were out in force today...

Somehow, I drew the short straw and did an on the spot radio interview with 95.6FM who were live broadcasting from the event. I chatted about who the 501st are, what the group does, and had the challenging moment of almost forgetting my TK ID when asked.

Straight after the interview, all the kids were assembled on the oval, awaiting the arrival of the Channel 7 news helicopter. They assembled to form a huge smily face and Diatium, Xenotrap and myself stood just below them... meaning that we formed kind of a goatee I guess...

The chopper flew overhead, and then everyone had to move off the oval so that it could land.
Before it made it all the way down, some of the kids started to rush it.
Parents and staff began to form a human barrier to stop them, but there weren't enough bodies to form a full line.
Quick thinking by Xenotrap saw him leap into action like the true Sith Master he is - rushing ahead of the kids and forming a barrier with his lightsaber.

After it had fully landed, news reporter Bill McDonald exited and then came over to meet the staff.
He was having quite the conversation with Diatium, but unfortunately, Diatium didn't hear anything, so totally ignored him *laughs*.

We then made our way back to our change room and packed up for the morning.

Injuries / Malfunctions: None to report

Mission Status: Resounding success

Photos: Will add them once I have them.
Great job troopers!
Isn't it awesome how many girls have really taken to the Rey character!
Heard the live broadcast on this and you guys got a good rap on your efforts - well done.

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