Test trooping of costumes is postponed indefinitely
Attention Garrison,
Please note that there will no longer be the option to test troop your costumes at any events until further notice.
Over the past year more and more members and cadets have been taking this privilege for granted.  Yes, this is a privilege not a right.  We have had members do the following:
* Turn up to events without permission in unapproved costumes.
* Decide to ask the relevant people the day before a troop if they can test troop a costume.
* Pester the relevant people if they can troop in their unapproved costume at events, even though they know they need to fix their costume.
* Send in approval pictures after they have trooped at an event in an unapproved costume.

This stops and it stops now.  The idea of a test troop was to get someone at an event to look at your costume in the flesh and see if there was anything wrong or have a test run to work out fitting issues.  It now seems that a test troop is to just wear armour that you think is ok, but in reality it is a sub-par costume that needs a lot of work.  Here in the Redback Garrison we pride ourselves in having one of, if not the best costuming standards in the Legion.  We make no apologies for this.  The 501st Legion is the preferred club of Disney and LFL for the sole reason of costume standard.
The wrong doings of a few have ruined it for the many I'm afraid.  Test trooping is not a right, it is a privilege and that privilege has been abused and is now gone.  Do not ask the GML for a test troop, the answer will be no.  POCs have no say if you can have a test troop.  If a POC says it will be ok to test troop, not only will you get in trouble for asking, but the POC will get in trouble for letting you.  Do not ask the GECs for a test troop, the answer will be no.
We will reassess in the future, but as of now there will no longer be test troops for costumes.  You will have to start doing this the old fashioned way.  Hold an armour party and get people to help you out, go to an armour party, try your armour on in the back yard and walk around in it, take nice clear photos for the GML and the CRC to look at your armour to get it approved.

The GML and CRC are here to help you get approved, not make sure you don't.  They are not the bad guys, they are the ones that can get you up to the standard that, I can only hope, is why you wanted to join the 501st in the first place.  Is it easy?  No.  That is why we are the best in what we do.  Strive for the 501st standard, not the half arsed one.  There are other groups out there that do and they look woeful.
Feel free to contact myself or our GXO, cobra, if you would like to discuss this further.
Best Regards
Garrison Commanding Officer

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