Redbacks are now the largest Garrison in Australia!!!
With the Knightfall Squad becoming a garrison last week and the Desert Scorpions in the voting process to become a Garrison this week, it is exciting times for Australia with unprecedented growth in our country.  With this the original TAG is now comprised of Tasmania (Thylacine and Copperhead squads) and the currently unoccupied Northern Territory.

With this growth and splitting up of TAG this has left the Redback Garrison now the largest Garrison in Australia!! Congratulations Redbacks!!  Keep up the great work and keep growing.

Australian Garrison figures (from the Legion boards)

Redback Garrison - 164
Southern Cross Garrison - 118
Knightfall Garrison - 82
Desert Scorpion Garrison - 58
Southern Dewback Garrison - 45
Terror Australis Garrison - 37


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