Bake Sale for Zander, Townsville
Troop Report 
Date: 19th March 2016

Venue: Vincent State School, Townsville

Time: 8.00-10.30am

Mission: To help raise funds for cancer treatment for Zander (a local little boy)

Trooper Attendance: 3
RBG: TR 16426 Red Empress,
TK 13974 DannytheBlue
Jawa 25087 Pecklez

Details: It was a steamy morning in Townsville outside the polling station so we tried to find some shade next to all the goodies for sale. We were lucky to have a guest trooper for this event Pecklez had travelled up from Proserpine especially. The day was a great success; cakes went down very well as did photos with our troopers, we posed (for a fee) in the sunshine with voters of all ages! Dannytheblue even got a few votes but I don't think he'll make mayor Doppeldaumen1

Charity Funds Raised: So far well over $1000, not fully counted up yet!

Injuries / Malfunctions: Muddy grass is no place for a Royal guard Sad

Public Incidents: As we returned at the end of a successful morning we discovered Pecklez had lost her car key. Not good as she was three hours from home and her spare key. Worse still her phone, wallet and shoes were in the locked car and she was dressed as a jawa. Everyone searched .... no key. Drama ensued as we travelled in vain to locked police stations hoping someone had handed in the key. We then searched for a garage that would make us a new key, all shut. Note for future reference: Townsville is closed on Saturdays for all emergencies! Poor Peckles eventually got towed home and had a well deserved drink

Mission Status: Accomplished

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That is great work guys. Over a thousand dollars!!! I think this is the best start the Garrison has had in donations so far. Awesome effort!
Great work NQ team, sorry to hear Pecklez lost her keys, it's normally Jawas that are stealing shiny things Wink
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Great work guys!
You've taken your first step into a larger world.

The droid.. stole a freighter?

yeah very strange a jawa loosing something lol.....when Townsville shuts it shuts......:P all in all had fun....thankx guys/gals Smile
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Nice work guys, wish I had been well enough to get there!
Great job troopers!
Great job troopers!
dannytheblue did ya get any votes.....ROFL!! :D
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I've had no phone call , so I will take that as a loss!!! ....maybe in another 4 years Wink
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Great work troopers
Awesome!!! Great work troopers!! Peace

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