Hervey Bay Special Care Nursery Fun Day Troop
Troop Report 
Troop Date: 23rd April 2016

Venue: Hervey Bay Seafront Oval (Razorbacks Region)

Time: 09.00

Mission: Assist with fund raising for the Hervey Bay Special Care Nursery & Maternity unit

Trooper Attendance:
22372 - Arienh - Sandtrooper (TD) Razorbacks Squad
22422 - Baytrooper - Snowtrooper (TS) Sandtrooper (TD) Razorbacks Squad
70809 - Dark Dora - Jawa (DZ)
37781 - DarkFather - ROTJ Royal Guard (TR) ROTJ Darth Vader (Test Troop) Razorbacks Squad
24984 - Diatium - Stormtrooper (TK)
91397 - Firestorm - TIE Reserve (TI) Razorbacks Squad
30207 - PhantomBlade - ISB Officer (ID) Razorbacks Squad
18124 - Scoot040 - TIE Pilot (TI) Razorbacks Squad
12311 - Teiwaz - Scout Trooper (TB)
85606 - Whitey - Republic Commando (RC)
Cadet - BigDub - TIE Pilot (Test Troop) Razorbacks Squad

Support Crew:
2471 - Wolf Razorbacks Squad
Cadet - LittleMissTiger Razorbacks Squad
Cadet - Thebulb Razorbacks Squad


A call came in from the Hervey Bay Special Care Nursery & Maternity for Imperial assistance to help raise funds for their unit during their Family Fun Day.
With rumours of a Resistance growing in the outer rim of the Razorbacks region & not wanting to miss an opportunity for some good PR, members of the newly formed Razorbacks Squad along with extra Redback Garrison support were dispatched to assist HBSCNM & crush any Rebellion or Resistance forces they encountered.

Troopers arrived to the specified coordinates at 07:00 to set up a base of operations, display raffle prizes & perform a quick recon of the surrounds. Stalls, Ferris wheel, games, carriage rides, petting zoo & other fun day activities. There were no signs of any enemies of the Empire.

Citizens began arriving at 09.00 & it was clear that our presence was well received.
A lone Jawa by the name of Dark Dora was spotted & came to investigate what our imperial troopers were doing. The sight of a Stormtrooper, TIE pilot, Scout Trooper, Republic Commando, ISB Officer, Reserve pilot & 2 Sandtroopers must have been intriguing. Despite their usual nature, this Jawa was quite entertaining, even ushering citizens to troopers for photos. A close eye was kept on the raffle prizes, however, the Jawa showed no interest. This may have been due to a lack of droids on offer.


Citizen interest in our efforts grew substantially after the arrival of Lord Vader. Younglings & their parents crowded around to meet & have their photo taken with the Dark Lord of the Sith. The increase in citizen interest saw raffle ticket sales soar. Our support crew, Wolf & LilMissTiger, controlled the sales of raffle tickets without breaking a sweat & even managed to prevent the theft of 2 Blastech E-11 blasters.


Lord Vader toured the event grounds, greeting each citizen, & posing for photos. Only one Force choke was recorded. The rebel sympathiser's condition is unknown.
With important matters to attend, Lord Vader had to leave early but would return. In his absence, PhantomBlade kept a close eye on the troopers, Teiwaz helped the local rural fire brigade with some imperial propaganda, Diatium took to directing traffic, Arienh & Scoot040 stood guard, sentries of our base. Nothing could take the smile from DarkFather's face. A friendly rivalry grew between Baytrooper & Whitey in a game of one up manship, culminating with the unorthodox use of a drinking vessel. Troopers having fun.


Lord Vader returned with an extra TIE pilot in tow. BigDub was testing his new flight armour. Change of shift saw Firestorm & Thebulb take over raffle duties. Soon after we were joined by one of the Emperor's Royal Guards & a Snowtrooper.
As the fun day drew to a close, the raffle was drawn & winners notified. Once again, the Millennium Falcon, escaped imperial capture.

As citizens dispersed & with no signs of enemy forces, Redback troopers withdrew from the area for a post troop parmy, confident the Razorbacks region is safe & secure.


Charity Fund Raised: Through donations for photos & the sales of raffle tickets, the Redback Garrison raised $295.65 credits which helped to bring the total raised on the day to $4369.50.

Whitey received a shoulder injury pulling the ears off a Gundark.
Baytrooper took a blast between the eyes after Teiwaz had a slight weapons malfunction. Luckily the blaster was set to stun. The blaster is being assessed & repaired.
BigDub's cooling system's power supply failed.

Public Incidents:
PhantomBlade made a youngling cry during an interrogation.

Mission Status :
[Image: VXgDbT3.jpg]
Kudo's Firestorm. Great write up for not only your first Troop Report, but the first troop report for the Razorbacks, and (currently) the largest.
Great work , impressive effort from our fledgling squad .
Good work team, looked like a fun day!

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Good work team, great troop report Firestorm!
Had to keep a close eye on my son while we were there the sandtroopers thought he was the droid they were looking for, thankfully they were kept at bay with a few high fives
Great troop report.
It was a great day can't wait for the next one.
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I claim no responsibility for making the kid cry. She'd already looked at Whitey and started crying. It simply got worse when I walked over.....
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(Wednesday 27-Apr-2016, 08:55 AM)PhantomBlade Wrote:  I claim no responsibility for making the kid cry. She'd already looked at Whitey and started crying. It simply got worse when I walked over.....

That's not how I witnessed it.
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Looks like it was a fun troop. So sorry I couldn't make it. A great way to start and celebrate our new squad!

I survived Dreamworld 2010
Sensational report Matt. Your first official troop and as POC no less Smile Twas an awesome day. Many thanks to the all who came and made this a special day.
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I loved every minute of it Smile Thank you to everyone that came along & helped make this troop as awesome as it was. Smile
[Image: VXgDbT3.jpg]
Great work guys!! Smile
You've taken your first step into a larger world.

The droid.. stole a freighter?

Amazing write up Matt. Thanks troopers for letting me join in on what was such a fun day. My son and I had the best day together with you lot.. I also made 3 kids cry whilst attempting high 5's but Phantom Blade was in very close proximity so i felt she may have contributed to this.
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Great work Razorbacks. We had a great weekend up there, looking forward to next time. And looking forward to another 10/10 parmy! Doppeldaumen1
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