Starlight Week @ EB Games Bundaberg
Troop Report 
06 May 2016

EB Games
Shop 323A Sugarland Shoppingtown, 115 - 119 Takalvan St, Stockland Sugarland Shoppingtown, West Bundaberg QLD 4670

10am - 4pm

To assist EB Games with fundraising for Starlight Week

Trooper Attendance:
30207 - Phantomblade (ID)
22372 - Arienh (TD)
37781 - DarkFather (SL)

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance:
22422 - Baytrooper

With minimal Resistance interference, this troop was given the go ahead.
[Image: 01-EBGames_zpsdlyypcyr.jpg]

[Image: 02-ShoppingCenter_zpskprjpp8c.jpg]

At 08:00 Shuttle 938 rendezvoused with Shuttle 456. The day ahead would be a long day for only a Sith Lord and 2 Troopers, and their 2 Wranglers. A day made a little longer as one of the Wranglers was unable to attend for health reasons. We all wish her the best of luck and a quick recovery.. Luckily the Wrangler assigned to this event was an old hand. He'd be sure to look out for the others. The two Shuttles arrived at the designated location at 08:30 and proceeded to set up informational displays about the 501st and Redbacks.
[Image: 03-InformationDisplay_zpsn9es2egu.jpg]

To help alleviate the work load 4 other Imperial members offered to stand as sentinels over the proceedings. EG-6972 Gonk Droid, and Dooka the Jawa had proven themselves invaluable support at the last event they helped out at, and were welcome additions. New to this troop were Imperial members John Snow and Van Guard. Both of which proved to be loyal to the cause and did their part to garner interest in the 501st and Redbacks.
[Image: 04-EG6972_zps1ntmepnd.jpg]

[Image: 05-Dooka_zpsr9yeun0p.jpg]

[Image: 06-JohnSnow_zpszgn5vggl.jpg]

[Image: 07-VanGuard_zpsle7j7lis.jpg]

At 08:45 a snowspeeder deposited the groups Wrangler. It was none other than Baytrooper. He had been given a day pass from his Snowtrooper duties, and decided to use that time to help out his fellow members. I personally believe that he was just there to keep an eye on this new guy John Snow.

With our sentinels watching over the event, and our Wrangler watching over us, Sith Lord DarkFather, Sandtrooper Arienh, and ISB Officer Phantomblade went about their meet and greet duties. Even though the locals were very enthusiastic and there were many smiles and photo's taken, there were still the odd Rebels that had to be taken care of no matter their age or career choice.
[Image: 08-UnrulyOptusEmployees_zpsdbzk49av.jpg]

[Image: 09-UnrulyLocals_zpsn6ddlz4b.jpg]

The 4 Redback members worked like a well oiled machine. By the end of the day, they had raised enough funds to help the establishment not only break their goal amount, but beat their highest amount raised to-date, since the stores charity fundraising recorded history.
[Image: 10-TheBundyThree_zps27g973hr.jpg]

At 16:00 they ceased their duties and begun the packing up process. Everyone was exhausted, but it was so so worth it.
[Image: 11-ALongDayInTheTrenches_zpsh0i0ntm2.jpg]

With all the excitement around the visit of a Sith Lord, it was actually Arienh with her Sandtrooper who stole the day. She had two 'golden moments' during this troop.

The first, seriously pulled at the heart strings. Even the manager of EB Games commented on how special just seeing the moment was. Something he wouldn't forget. This tiny tiny little girl (like knee high to a Jawa), came up to Arienh all excited. She high fived the Sandtrooper and couldn't take her eyes of Arienh. This little girl had cochlea implants, wires and patches in and on her head, and a tube in her nose. She was sooo tiny, yet so full of life. Getting a photo of her looking at the camera while with Arienh was basically impossible. Eventually mother and daughter had to move on, but later in the day they came back past, and Arienh was targeted like Womp Rat by a T-16. This little girl scurried up to the Sandtrooper again, high fives galore. All the while, with the BIGGEST SMILE on her face, she was 'signing' and saying scary, but smiling and laughing at the same time. She was simply adorable. When her and Arienh's hands met in yet another high five, I guarantee you could hear a pin drop. It was complete silence by all watching. I won't speak for Arienh, but for me... this was my 501st moment. That moment of trooping that REALLY brought it home to me as to why we do this. It was... magical.
[Image: 12-GoldenMoment01_zpsfnhhowua.jpg]

[Image: 13-GoldenMoment02_zpsk4vmxi8c.jpg]

Arienh's second golden moment was with a little boy. As his mother walked past us, there was somewhat of a crowd and she tried to point Arienh out to her small son who was riding in the trolley. He exclaimed that he couldn't see her and the crowd moved. WOW, the reaction was amazing. This little boy let out the most excited, loud, from-the-gut laugh when he saw her. Everyone in the area exploded with laughter at his reaction. It was priceless.

As with all my troop reports, I end by mentioning the group. Everyone knows what I think about this crazy Wide Bay group of troopers and wranglers. I love them. They are just fantastic.

Charity Funds Raised:

Injuries / Malfunctions:
NIL - A stern talking to was given to 'She who walks people into things'.
[Image: 14-UnrulyISB_zpsx8vtvcvu.jpg]

Public Incidents:

Mission Status:
Complete Success!

[Image: 15-EBGamesStaff_zpsjjlnhlph.jpg]

[Image: 16-CenterStaff_zps4ov7rdsw.jpg]

[Image: 17-SithLordHighFive_zpsxakef8tm.jpg]

Baytrooper was cameraman today. He has more photo's on his Facebook account. For those with access to the big man's account, the link to the album is here.
Absolutely brilliant, love the work you guys and girls are doing in the bay .
Another great troop by the Razorbacks! Yes those magic moments are very special. Well done troopers! Doppeldaumen1
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Love your troop reports DarkFather. Well done team Smile
[Image: VXgDbT3.jpg]
Great job Razorbacks! Love the lightsaber v walking stick battle!
Saber VS walking cane!!! I'm hoping there is a video. She looked to have the upper hand over Dark Father. Great report mate & awesome job Razorbacks squad!!
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  DW2017 Tie OCC2017
[Image: xkUIaO4.jpg]

Great work guys!!!
You've taken your first step into a larger world.

The droid.. stole a freighter?

That lady with the cane will make a formidable Sith with some training. And I had my belt on upside down for the first half of the tropp because I'm a bit special...

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Great work guys Smile Sounds like there were many memorable moments
Champions! Looked like a fun day Smile
Awesome work guys. Keep "hamming" it up in Razorbackville.
What a fun looking troop that was, excellent report and a job well done.
PS, what's wrong with that Snowy, looks like he had a pole up hi a$& lol

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