May the 4th Burleigh Scouts
Troop Report 
Date: May the 4Th 2016

Venue: Burleigh Scouts, Burleigh

Time:1800 onwards

Mission: To talk about May the 4th, Star Wars, 501st, RL, GA & DW.

Trooper Attendance: madine, Glitch, ALRAKIS, JJ
RBG: 6374 madine/sandtrooper
5092 Glitch/Clone Trooper Commander

RL: ALRAKIS Ben Kenobi

MM/GA : JJ Jedi

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance:Negative

Details: Troops began arriving from 1850 onwards. We armoured up, to the "wow" there are a few bits & pieces to put on from the scout master, my mate Greg, his son Cameron who organised the troop. We went out into a darkened scout hall (they where watching Star Wars). They where "awakened" to our presense by the "snap hiss" of lightsabers. We then had pictures taken, talked about our costumes, the 501st, RL, GA & spruiked DW.
We where then introduced to the scouts (who had dressed in Star Wars Costumes), we where then asked to judge & pick two winners. Being the "good guys" we are, we picked a 501st (home made Stormtrooper) & RL (Han Solo). We then posed for more photos, talked with the scouts. We then received a thanks from the scouts (B.R.A.V.O. with hand clapping & foot stomping).
We then dearmoured, enjoyed some water (thanks scouts, Be Prepared). We then talked with Greg, Cameron & the scout master about Star Wars, Stormtroopers.

Charity Funds Raised:None

Injuries / Malfunctions: madine left his blaster in the blaster locker at home, also only had one sock, trooped without good thing it wasn't CoF.

Public Incidents:None

Mission Status:Success

Photos: Not sure how to attach them from my phone.
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Great report - a fun troop and the look of stunned amazement on their faces when we walked in was priceless. Some future GA canditates judging by the number of sensible questions asked. Thanks for having myself and JJ along
I bet their eyes lit up when they saw you Smile
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