KidsFlix (Mt Gravatt)
Date: Saturday 13th May
Venue: Event Cinemas Mt Gravatt
Time: 9-10am
Mission: Bringing Star Wars magic to the KidsFlix event
Trooper Attendance:
Teiwaz - Darth Nihilus
Dark Dora - ever reliable Jawa
Rubber - TD
Donut - TK
Nilrem - TK 
Rebel Legions RoboTom - Bespin Luke 
Support crew:
IceHeart - Photo's, Video and crowd control
Blue - Costume duty and photo stylist.
The troop started easily with bumping in our boxes early from 8, most of this time till kick off was watching Teiwaz workout how the arrange the new Moo moo deciding if he looked better as Buff man or not... probably a location joke.. we all kitted up with Nilrem having to do an emergency repair to a velcro strap.. 
8:50am perfect timing. ready to bust our moves and poses. We casually paraded ourselves out into the small crowd who had gathered early. We picked a great spot for our pics with the crowds as the foyer started the fill.  
Many pics were taken, Darth Nihilus and luke were proving very popular as were the TK and TD triple pack. Nihilus had a quick saber change to a twisted balloon to duel with a youngling... not too sure who won that saber off.. Many kids were over the moon with the crew grabbing opportunities for some hugs and we had a few who quietly observed from a distance, not too sure if they wanted a pic or not... time for photo bombing from a distance for mum!! Dark Dora was busy on a sabac table wrangling in new younglings for the academy's next intake...
With 10 minutes to go we arranged ourselfves at the top of the stairs to help move the crowd along into the theatre. we ushered in the troops to watch their movie and headed on into the gold class room for our own little treat!
wham bam 1 hour troop done and dusted. a big congrats to all the troopers and support team who helped on the day. Quote of the day "That's some amazing progress right there..." you have to attend one of these troops to understand that one special comment... big ups to all who helped out.

Have we ever hit anything with these things?

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Great job troopers, hope to make it too one of these at some stage.
Another fun troop for a great cause.
Thanks Iceheart and Blue for looking after us.
Thank you Nilrem for organising it.
awesome work Smile
Sith  Use your hate and strike me down  Sith
DW2017 FNG
Great job for a very worthwhile event!
Thanks Nilrem, well organised and a great report. Great reaction from the kids, surprised by the number who wanted to hug Nihilus! Great little troop.
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Great work Troopers!
FNG  OCC2017  CVIII DW2017  BN16 OCC2016
Looked like a bit of fun!! Nice one guys
Automatic doors make me feel like a jedi 

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[Image: Q8GkS6o.jpg]
Thanks for organising things, Nilrem! It was a fun morning Smile
This was a wonderful little troop and a lot of fun  Jig
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