Please welcome our newest Redback, Brace IN20005
Way to triple up! Congrats on the approvals.

[Image: wKQfwUx.png]
"Never underestimate the power of the Force"
Another pilot. Awesome. Great work on doing 3 costumes
"I'll show them the power of the Darkness"

[Image: DW2017.png]      [Image: OCC2017.jpg]      [Image: SN17.png]

[Image: Sith-Lord-Detachment.png][Image: Jolly-Roger-Squadron.png]

Nicely done!
"Perhaps I didn't make myself clear, I said supper is ready!"
DW2015 -> DW2017
OCC2015 -> OCC2017
BN15 ->  SN17
GCSN16 -> GCSN17
Congrats Brace!
Congratulations, three for three!
Automatic doors make me feel like a jedi 

Jawa DW2016   DW2017 DW2018 DW2019
[Image: maVE23t.gif]

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