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Hi everyone,

After a few years as Phantoms second banana, BIDS will be stepping down from the role as GML.  We would all like to thank BIDS for his help whilst Phantom has been travelling to PNG over the past few years. 

Muppet will be stepping up and replacing BIDS and helping Phantom.  Muppet is no stranger to the role as he has been our GML before as well as an LMO for the Legion.  With Muppet on board this should speed up approvals as Phantom is really stuck with the coconut internet in PNG.  Please be patient whilst Muppet gets up to speed.

We as a Garrison probably have the most experienced GML team in the world with Phantom and Muppet looking at your costumes, as well as our hard working CRC.  Without these guys and gals giving our costumes the once over we really would not have the high standards that we pride ourselves over as a costuming club.

Thanks BIDS and welcome back to the salt mines Muppet.
Thank Bids for your Service and thank you Muppet for stepping up to the role.
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Thanks to both BIDS and Muppet.

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Amazing work BIDS and congrats Muppet.

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Thank you for your service Bids, and welcome back to the role Muppet.
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Thanks BIDS for your work and welcome (back) to Muppet.
Thanks for helping out Bids , welcome back Muppet .
Who or what is Phantoms first banana? :P

Cheers Bidsy! Hope to catch up soon mate.

Welcome back Muppet!
Thanks Redbacks and Adam Wink
Thankyou to Bids for his service in doing a great job.
I have a bit of reading and catching up to do, but will hopefully be up to speed and ready to help Phantom out shortly.
Thanks for your work Bids and welcome back to the job Muppet.
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Welcome back Muppet.  Doppeldaumen1

And BIDS....... 

I'll always remember that beautiful day..............

that special moment...........

that experience we shared................

I am still to this day.................. 

Happy I was your first.................... 

Heart Eyebrows Hehehe Heart
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Thanks for the fish Bids, welcome back to the Fun house Muppet..
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