Hello there!
Hi! My name is Morgan, and I hope to join the 501st next year  Smile
Personally, I'm partial to the dark side, especially the First Order! General Hux is my favourite character, and I'm working on a certified First Order General costume so I can be him. <3
I hope to see some of you guys around!
Hi Morgan , welcome to the forums.
Hi Morgan! You're not the only one with a love for Hux. One of our members Studio 49 is also working on a General Hux (in between many other projects) so maybe you could ask him some questions on where to start. In the meantime have a look over the Costume Reference for Hux in this link: http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costu...eneral_Hux
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Unfortunately, SCG is stealing her, as she is from Sydney Wink and accidently went to these forums.. sorry for the raid!!!
Welcome to the forums Morgan! Great to see another person looking to build Hux!
As Imperial Drone mentioned I am indeed working on a Hux between my other projects Smile

If it helps at all I just went through my work in progress thread and fixed all the broken picture links up so you can have a look if you want Doppeldaumen1  
(as soon as I get some more funds between Building R2-D2 I'll be trying to get my tunic, pants and great coat sorted)

Oh also while I'm at it, I'd highly recommend joining up at the Imperial Officer Corps, that's the Officer specific 501st forum and there's a whole section dedicated to Hux Wink

Also going by your profile you're in Sydney correct?
Then as Atraxas mentioned the Southern Cross Garrison is where you want to join up for local stuff 
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