CS changes for December 2017
Hi everyone,

Just swapping some people around.  Next year is going to be pretty big for us with the final Dreamworld and the second Galactic Empire Charity Ball which is going to break more records for us and the Legion.

Beanie will be stepping down as Merch Officer to focus more on being my Facebook officer, working with Sue and the PR team, to make sure the public and all the Garrisons get all the information for DW and the GECB.  Beanie will also be stepping back to continue his great work with BrisBricks.  Our Garrison has a strong and fun relationship with BrisBricks and look forward to continuing to work with them in many events to come.

Cueloopz will take on the Merch Officer role.  As Det Leader for the Amoured Cav, he has formed some great contacts for their merch and is going to use that expertise for the Garrison.

The PR team will be expanding with Flashheart joining Iceheart as full time PR officers.  Flashheart already does a podcast of his own and is keen to bring that experience to the Garrison.  He is also very enthusiastic about the Garrison so he will be a great addition to the PR team.  Supatrooper will also be added to the PR team as the Instagram guy.  Supatrooper has been running the account since he created it a few years back and now it is time for him to do it officially for the team.  Any Instagram questions go to him.  Buzzard will stay on as PR until the next election cycle to he with the transition.  Good old Darth Real Life can take it's toll and we wish Buzzard the best in his studies.

Please congratulate our newest members for stepping up and having a go in their new CS roles and thank those that have given their time and energy to help make this Garrison and awesome as it is.

Best Regards
Congrats everyone
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Fantastic JD. Glad to be working together.

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Wooo!! Congrats team!
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Congratulations Cueloopz and Flasheart!!
Congrats To the new CS team members, and everyone in their new roles.
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Congratulations to the new CS, all well deserved.
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Congrats to the new CS members, and Thank you to the outgoing members for the work put in.
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Congrats to all in their new roles
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Congrats guys and gals and for those stepping back, thank you for all the amazing work you've done. I hope to walk in your foot steps one day. Lead on !!

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Congrats to everyone. So much to love about this group.
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Congrats all.
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Congrats to the newly appointed CS members. Also a big sincere thankyou to those who have served.
Congratulations to all. Well deserved.
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