CS changes for December 2017
thank you all, its been a pleasure and honour to be your Merchandising and Branding Officer for two and a bit years, was fun, best of luck Matt, and if you need a hand im always here.

Personal life and duties elsewhere have needed me to take a break from official Redback duties so again thank you to the Command staff and all of you!
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Distance traveled to troop: 96628kms

Congratulations guys

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Congrats to the incoming CS and thanks for your service to the people stepping down Smile
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Congratulations Cueloopz and Flashheart!! Many thanks also to Beanie

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I am so glad I found you and didn't kill you.

Congrats guys! Enjoy the pay rise Wink
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Thank you Apok and congratulations to everyone else.

Apart from filming and producing videos for the garrison over the years, I have been running and developing the Redback Instagram account since 2014 and its currently at;
  • 170 posts (hoping to crack the 501 posts)
  • 929 followers (lets go for 1000 followers)
  • 0 following (cause Redbacks dont follow)
This account is viewed all over the world and is appreciated by other garrisons, troopers and the organisations we raise funds for.
I'm very picky about whats uploaded as I want to keep the standard high and so I watermark all photos with our logo as some shots are reposted on other peoples instagram accounts. (The logo is another form of copyright). I don't use peoples names or tags unless there are VIPS. I refrain from children been in the photos unless I get parental permission.

For those on troops and have the ability to take some great shots (and I know some of you do) please "direct message" them to me on the Instagram account or message them to me through the forum.

Thank you all for your support over the years and making the Qlders look awesome for the 501st Legion and in the Star Wars community !


Now get snapping... Peace
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(Thursday 7-Dec-2017, 01:06 AM)GaugeRage Wrote:  Congrats guys and gals and for those stepping back, thank you for all the amazing work you've done. I hope to walk in your foot steps one day. Lead on !!

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Congrats every one.

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Congrats all
It never hurts to ask, but it does if you make Assumptions.

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