Command Staff team for 2018/2019
Hello everyone.  Here is your team for 2018/2019.  Please be respectful to all that have volunteered their time again to make this garrison one of the best in the world and allow everyone that is a part of this great garrison to have the fun we do.

Garrison Commanding Officer : Apok
(Head honcho)

Garrison Executive Officer : cobra
(Right hand man)

Garrison Membership Officers : Phantom
(Costume Approvals)                      muppet

Garrison Web Liason Officer : Nighthawk 
(Photoshop Whiz)

Garrison Web Officers : Moxxxie
(Web gurus)                      Altair

Garrison Public Relation Officers : Iceheart
(Media and promotion team)              Flashheart
                                                            Supatrooper (Instagram)

Garrison Event Coordinators : Baytrooper
(Troop Organisers)                       Gix

Garrison Charity Officers :  Tygress
(Bean counters)                        Sly

Garrison Merchandising Officer : Cueloopz
(Merch approvals)

Garrison Captain of the Guard : Cutter
(Our Sargent at arms)

Garrison Armourer : Terrorfirma
(Pew pew guy)

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