Garrison Command Staff changes Feb 2018
Hi all,

Can we please give a long overdue congratulation to Nighthawk for his promotion to the GML team as a GWL.  It is because of his Photoshop skills that we have been able to work through the back log of approval pics and membership pics that needed to be done.  We are pretty much up to date now.  He has been working tirelessly with muppet to get it all done. 

Can we also thank the following members of the CS team that have decided to take a step back and enjoy just trooping for a while.

Buzzard is stepping down from his PR role to focus on his studies.  His Vodcast has been a hit over the years and a lot of fun.  Thanks for your efforts!  Say hi to Paz.

Doc is also standing down as one of our Captains of the Guard.  Doc has been on the CS for many years now and has decided to relax for once.  He has been professional and there for the garrison for many situations.  His integrity is above reproach.  We'll have a beer soon mate!

Best regards
Great work everyone and congrats Nighthawk
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Congrats Nighthawk, and Thank you to those who have stepped down.
Thank you to those who have stepped down/back for their past effort.
Congrats Trevor looking forward to seeing ur photoshop skills
And thank you to those standing down
These blast points — too accurate for sandpeople. Only imperial stormtroopers are so precise. Tk
Thank you to those taking a break, and congratulations and welcome to CS Nighthawk.

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Congrats Nighthawk and a big thank you to Doc and Buzzard
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