G'day from Sydney
Hi All, name is James am part of the Southern Cross Garrison, thought i would bounce on and see whats happening and look into making the troop north for the Dreamworld event and meet up with everyone.
Hey James, good to hear from you. DW is going to be epic this year being the last one so you should definitely come up and get in on the action.
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Hey Jeddz, great to see you here mate, the trip will definitely be worth your while. It is the largest 501st troop in the southern hemisphere and you will make some great new friends to boot.
Rule number one, bring lots of merch to trade.

Hope to see you there.
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Thanks guys, just waiting for the access on forums so i can get into the event and will line up dates etc and try and make it work. Heard alot about it so would be good to make it.
Welcome to the Redback forum mate!
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