Hello there
I’m making a second introduction because i felt my first became corrupted by my emotions.
I am looking to purchase armour as I don’t have the skills required to build one.
I have my own bounty hunter character which I understand is in a different section along with Clones and other units.
I have always admired The 501st since I first met the group in 2008 (not 100% sure) loved the idea of being a Stormtrooper or a Clone Trooper.
I recently started my own comic book store in my town and wanted to draw business to it while showing my love for Star Wars and helping kids to start reading more.   Smile 
I’m hoping that someone can help me by building me a suit on commission or can assist in some way shape or form.

I hope you have a great day and we can get along
Welcome again!
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Welcome again,

I'm sure a lot of us didn't have the skills when we began.You gain them along the way and can repair things quickly as time goes on better if you know your kit inside and out.
I can guarantee if you don't build it you'll wish you did later.
Automatic doors make me feel like a jedi 

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I had my tk kit built for me but it is RS Propmaster it isn’t a cheap process I made phone calls to the Uk while I was measuring had 2 ppl help with measurements all up shipped was $2600 without any of the extras u need to complete a kit

Like u I am time poor so this was option for me as had great tax return that year
These blast points — too accurate for sandpeople. Only imperial stormtroopers are so precise. Tk
I believe when I get my armour I’ll dismantle it and reassemble it so I can make sure if it’s damaged I’ll be able to do it.
Thank you for your warm welcomes

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