Albany Fair All Saints School Parish
Troop Report 

Venue:All Saints school Parish Albany Creek

Time:9:00am - 4:00pm

Mission:Help the school raise money for both them and a charity of our choice while bringing the Redback magic.

Trooper Attendance:
RBG: TKID and username/costume
bam  Tk 20958
Mykill  TI:RP 20552
Wrexham  TK 91167
Teiwaz TB 12311

Dark Dora  Dz 70809
Blue  IC 11005
Booster ANH Tie 23967 
Nilrem TK 50100
Diatium Ti/TK 24984 
MjrD CT 71470
Imperial Drone TI:RP 10708

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance:
Support Crew:
Darth Temptress
Lord Binks

RL: Catsa

MM/GA etc:
Cahs 2142  Makenzie
Cslv 2143  Codi

Another great day at this Fair, we had a Photo area set up and troopers roaming the grounds.
The usual Trooper antics for a school fete ensued.
The GA's certainly drew some attention with the children and adults alike, they looked fantastic.

Charity Funds Raised:Total $288.00  ($80 for the school) The $200 the school is donating to Hummingbird House

Injuries / Malfunctions: Teiwaz had a massive wardrobe malfunction, I cant explain how or why, you can see the photo amongst the below images lol.

Public Incidents: Mykill disappeared and raided all the stalls of any Star Wars items they had, sorry Fair goers, you missed out.

Mission Status: Successful

[Image: pR4QAnL.jpg]

[Image: uB1sRUy.jpg]

[Image: 3aXPEKU.jpg]

[Image: 713RTYq.jpg]
"The Death Star plans are not in the main computer"

[Image: yVkEMTq.png]
[Image: Eu2xjUD.png]

It was good to come back and troop at this event. Always good fun
FNG  OCC2017  CVIII DW2017  BN16 OCC2016
Another great day it was good to be back there. Good work thanks Sly and all.
GCSN16 >> GCSN18
DW2015 >> DW2018
OCC2015 >> OCC18  
BN15 >> SN18

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