Future Shoretrooper #notvader
Hi Kuda Kannon here. I am living in Brisbane and also a friend of Ashlyn Dubreas. Interested in doing a shoretrooper, for now...... Actually I have started making helmets out of foam but I would like to find a master to teach me the ways of the fibreglass. I would like to come to events as a wrangler till I can get a costume approved. Any tips or advice would be much appreciated. Ashlyn has told me a lot about you. Looking forward to meeting you all.
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Sounds like you want to make your own armour from scratch. It's certainly commendable that you want to do that and even more commendable that you want to learn a new skill. Have at it!

If you're wanting to get into armour a bit quicker though, there are a few vendors that offer a shoretrooper armour kit. I'm not an expert, however the good people on bikerscout.net will be able to poi t you in the right direction.

Also, have a look at the shoretrooper CRL to see what the requirements are for the costume: http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costu...inders_CRL

Hope this all helps and if in doubt, please ask on the forums before making any potentially costly decisions
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Thank you so much Imperial Drone that actually helps a lot.
I might as well do this lol. Welcome to the Redbacks!

Ashlyn Dubreas.
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Sign up to the Pathfinders detachment you will find heaps of information.
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Sweet the more rogue one troopers the better
Thank you so much everyone. for your advice and you warm welcomes. I am excited to start trooping with you. 
This is gonna be sick. XD

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