Hi all - Mission?
Hi folks!

So this is a bit of an odd request, but you lot look like the sort that enjoys odd requests, so here goes :D

I'm the captain of a team in an international scavenger hunt (GISH.com) and one of the tasks for this year's hunt is to find a stormtrooper leading a yoga class and doing new-agey things and take a picture.

Pretty pretty please would anybody be willing to put on their costumes and snap a posed pic for us? If you could have a sign somewhere in the pic with "#GISH - DukesOfHaphazard" on it too, that would be super awesome.

I have no idea what Stormtroopers like to eat - but I would definitely seek out the yummiest cupcakes in the state for an obliging trooper.

Optimistic thanks in advance.

Yolanda. Smile
The Legion has a long history of suporting GISH.

Requests have to follow a standard Event Request Process either through The Legion or Garrison path/channel. 


We as a Garrison, are reminded that this year's request to have a Stormtrooper - TK lead a yoga class is NOT within the preferences of Lucasfilm Ltd. / Disney for public appearances of their characters.

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that time of year again, is there ever a year that they never ask for something with a Star Wars theme... i know we and SW are all great and all but im sure theres other movies they can cover. for one year at least.
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