Hello from the Black Tower Squad (Canberra)
Hi all. 
I just thought I would say hello. I’m Shaun from the Southern Cross Garrison in Canberra (currently SXO of the Black Tower Squad). 
Being a Navy member I’ve spent a good portion of my career in Cairns and return to visit as I have family in that area. 
I recently had my Shoretrooper Captain approved and have been a Tusken Raider for a while now. 
Another thing that I do us make Imperial Officer Rank Badges. It’s somethung I fell into and I find an enjoyable way to spend my evenings to relax! 
Anyhow, I hope to meet some of you some day if I can arrange a family holiday with one of your events!

Welcome to the forum Shaun Smile and I'm sure something will come along in the future Smile
Hi mate,
Welcome to the forum. If you manage a visit to Brisbane give us a yell and we will catch up
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Welcome to the forums! Not a lot happens in Cairns (trooping or otherwise) but if you happen to make your way to Townsville or points south there'll be troops and troopers waiting to greet you Smile
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Welcome to the forums mate
We do have one trooper in cairns and we did road trip this year to get him active and always on look out for new member if u have any Mates up there wanting to be a bad guy/girl doing good
These blast points — too accurate for sandpeople. Only imperial stormtroopers are so precise. Tk

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