Darth Revan Costume Joining Request
Hi guys,
I have been creating a Darth Revan Cosplay for a while and would like to see if it conforms to the 501st standards to be able to join the Team. The Lightsaber is a SaberForge Revan with a red LED and the chestpiece is made of leather and has a backplate aswell so i can take off the cape and wear it without that. The mask is made of resin with fibreglass reinforcement on the inner side and a black reflective visor so you cannot see my eyes. The robes were all from the Revan Costume you can buy and i just adjusted and made a new hood and cape to match the chestpiece and attach to it. Let me know if you need more reference photos and contact me for any additional information. I am based in Brisbane.
http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:SL_revan is the link to the revan CRL and http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com is the detachment that will be able to help you the most
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Welcome to the forums.
There are a few things you will need to read and do before becoming an approved member of the Legion.
Firstly I suggest to read the crl to make sure your costume is up to legion standard, it looks like there are a few items you will need to upgrade
Process for EU characters

To become a member you will need to submit your photos to the GML. Here is the link to joining up

This is the link for submitting your photos

Once approved You will also need to have a blue card to troop at the hospital and other events with children that require a Blue card.
Some great start up info for you above so nothing much I can add.

What I will say is ask heaps of questions and be very careful buying from sites like Etsy and Ebay, usually buying commercially available costume parts ends in disappointment.
Revan is a lot more complex than first glance, most approvable Darth Revan costumes will set you back around $3000 so they are usually a long build.

Its hard to tell from your pics but it appears your Chest Cuirass may be flat or painted when it needs to be more embossed.

Have a good look at the CRL and you will see this is the case for the majority of the armour, as I say this could be the lighting in the pics but it definately looks flat from the images provided.
Make sure you pay attention to the intricacies as it really is what sets Revan apart - this is one of my favourite costumes but has always been a bit daunting for me so good luck.

As others have also mentioned we do a lot of work with Kids so you would of course need to get a Blue card sorted once you were approved in order to attend those troops.

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