Greetings everyone ?
Just stopped by to introduce myself. I met you guys for the first time on the weekend at the Lego expo at chandler and after seeing you all on tv and in the papers etc it was good to meet you in person! My 3 year old
Daughter has not stopped talking about her new "Jawa" friend and I was hooked straight away, I would like to get more involved with what you guys do and I have no idea where to go from here ??‍♂️ I don't have any costume yet but I'm really
Interested in a storm trooper or biker scout or even Bobba Fett. Hoping some one can lead me into my next step and any help with costume etc would be greatly appreciated ?? cheers

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Welcome to the forum. Great that you met up with us at Brisbricks this weekend. A Stormtrooper is a great costume and the Empire is always looking for more fodder... I mean, committed troopers.

Sly is probably the best person to guide you here and he's a great guy. You should join up on the FISD forum for all the info you need.
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Welcome to the forums, make sure you chose a costume your passionate about balanced with your skill set to get you up and running in a timely fashion, the detachments are a good place to start a browsing through the appropriate CRL ( costume reference library) and see what’s involved.
Welcome aboard.
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Welcome to the forums. I'm the crewman in the photo, my wife Dark Dora is the Jawa. Lovely to meet you both on the weekend. What I'm wearing there is probably the simplest, cheapest and quickest costume you can get, because nearly all the elements you can source locally. Obviously it doesn't have the same impact as the helmeted troopers but its a good place to start and its a good support costume to introduce the kids to the other characters.

There's a lot to consider, cost, time, skills etc. Its not a cheap hobby but as you can see in the above smiles its very rewarding. As Cyclops says its good to have a character you're passionate about and have some connection to. Depending on the costume you choose, it can take many months to source all the parts. Take your time and do plenty of research before you spend any money, and feel free to ask here for advice.
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Welcome to the forum!
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Cheers, was great to finally see you guys.
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Welcome to the forums. It's lovely to hear that Dark Dora has another little friend, she is absolutely fantastic with kids. Best piece of advice I can give is to come to an event and wrangle as it will give you an opportunity to meet members, learn more about the costumes and get advice. Unfortunately, I am not much help in terms of the 501st costumes as my first one is still a Work in Progress (I only have an approved Generic Jedi currently). But I strongly recommend a Reserve Tie Pilot. All the pieces can be sourced locally/through Garrison members at good prices and great quality. Flashheart and Slide Effect are two of the Jolly Roger Squadron mentors and are great guys. We also have a Rebel Legion base if you want to check it out but definately suggest picking costumes that you are passionate about as it makes all the difference. We also have the Galactic Academy for kids if your little one would like to join in on the fun. They don't have strict costume standards like the 501st and Rebel Legions. If you are interested in a Bobba Fett strongly recommend you check out the Mandalorian Mercs forums. Looking forward to meeting and trooping with you.
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