Cootharinga Fun Flight
Troop Report 
Date: 28 October 2018
Venue: Townsville Airport
Time: 0900 - 1300
Mission: To bring some smiles to the children and families at the Cootharinga Fun Flight Day

Trooper Attendance:
Black Ember TI
Buddy Love ID
Sean Trooper TS                

Wrangler: Kemen
Special Guest Wrangler: Black Knight from Southern Cross Garrison

Details: The Fun Flight day is a local event by Cootharinga that takes special needs children and their families up on some joy flights…so it was highly appropriate that 2 TIE Pilots were present. Many smiling faces greeted the troopers with many photos of the children and troopers taken. There were motorbikes, jumping castles, Animal Farm present as well, that the troops inspected, searching for Rebel scum.
Our Snowtrooper found himself a girlfriend, and the troops inspected some new Military hardware (bit roomier than a TIE Fighter)
Funds Raised: N/A
Injuries/Malfunctions: Nil.
Public Incidents: Nil
Mission Success: Complete Success

[Image: RiKY9vO.jpg]
[Image: ZhIllAI.jpg]

[Image: FWO89Nn.jpg]

[Image: ewVIeFH.jpg]

[Image: gS6Ssup.jpg]
[Image: TUxQp0z.jpg]
"I'm entering a contest to win a Ford Tippex. You have to say what Cornflakes mean to you in 10 words. So I said: Cornflakes. Cornflakes. Cornflakes, Cornflakes. Cornflakes, Cornflakes, Cornflakes, Cornflakes, Cornflakes"
Good report and another one of our annual troops up here well done to attending troopers
These blast points — too accurate for sandpeople. Only imperial stormtroopers are so precise. Tk
This looks like a troop I'll have to attend at some point. I love aviation based troops. Fantastic work
FNG  OCC2017  CVIII DW2017  BN16 OCC2016
Looks super!!! Well done troopers!

BN13  BN14 OCC2014

[Image: RebelRach%20v2_hd_zpsv0w5d6wf.jpg]

Great work guys!  Peace
"Purple alert! Purple alert!"  What`s a purple alert?" "Well, it`s not as bad as a red alert, but a bit worse than a blue alert... sort of a mauve alert."
well done guys
Tusken " Better DEAD Than SMEG!!! " DancingTK


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