Hello from Remy, and request for advice!
Hello! I'm Remy and I recently joined the 501st forums. I'm a queensland based cosplayer who primarily does Sith cosplays, and Revan is my main costume.

I'm still in the process of completing my application form, but i will hopefully have that done this week.

I'm actually planning to visit my girlfriend in Germany for a cosplay convention, and I'm hoping people can advise me on how to safely transport my armor and lightsaber to Europe.

Thanks for having me, I look forward to meeting all of you!

This is my costume, as an aside. Im not sure if or how to transport body armor to germany safely for Elfia cosplay purposes.

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I also apologise for jumping the gun, but I figured I didnt know where else to ask the question and I wanted to introduce myself at the same time ?
I'd start with a hard shell suitcase for your costume. Try to get one with built in TSA locks or if you cant get one of those, buy a TSA approved padlock. Lightsabers are a little trickier. Believe it or not they'll fit in the overhead locker in the plane but you may have to check them in so be prepared for that. You can knock up a saber tube out of pvc pipe and end caps if you're the handy type or if he's still willing to make one you could try contacting Sticky on the forum
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Would my sabers and armor safely make it through Dubai or Dohar if I had to do a plane transfer there? I'm not sure what the go is with that, though my lightsabers have been shipped via postage through dubai before.

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