Thanks cobra for all your work and support
I would like to thank cobra for all of his efforts over the past 10+ years. 

He has done what most don't want to do for almost the entire time he has been in the Legion.....hold a Command position of some sort.  Rick has decided to stand down this year as GXO of the Redbacks for a well deserved break and let some other poor sucker learn the ropes.  That sucker is Cyclops.

Rick does a lot of work behind the scenes for the Garrison that most of you do not see and he has helped the garrison financially as well when need.  Rick has been a great person to bounce of ideas or just have a vent when stupidity happens in the Legion (and boy does it happen a lot).

You will not find a more loyal trooper to the Legion or a more loyal mate.  He has had my back for years and the Legions back always.

Thanks for living up to the our motto Rick and being effing awesome.  Enjoy just being a regular trooper from now on and I'll see you on the back patio for a beer soon when I no longer wear this GCO mantle, or next week, I can't wait that long for a beer.

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Thanks mate.
Thanks for everything Rick , hard shoes to fill for sure , you’re an absolute asset and a good mate .
Thanks for your service Rick, and congratulations Bruce.
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Thanks for your time and efforts Rick, all the best with being a Trooper again.

Congrats Bruce...stop lolling about and get to work....

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Thank you Rick and congratulations Bruce
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thanks Oz-Scout for the time and everything you have done for Queensland since ive known you 12 years ago. you have done all right!
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Thanks Rick and congratulations Bruce.
Thanks Rick, and congratula....I mean commiserations Bruce!
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2 Outstanding men who I admire and thank for what they do for our Garrison. Thank you for everything you have ever done Rick. I know Bruce will live up to the standards you have set and as he is now, continue to be a great asset to the Redbacks in his new role. Never change Champions. FOR THE EMPIRE !!
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Thanks for everything you have done for the Redbacks over the years Rick. Good to see you taking a well deserved break. 
And congratulations to Bruce on taking on the role as well.
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A huge "Thank You", Rick for everything you have done for the Redbacks over the years.
Congratulations Cyclops for taking on the role.
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A well deserved break for you Rick, thank you for everything you do behind the scenes to make this work.

Bruce, you’ve got this!

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I am so glad I found you and didn't kill you.
Rick, Cobra, it's been an absolute honor to have you as our XO all these years. And whilst you are no longer our XO, you are still our comrade, our friend.
It won't be the same without you so close to the helm of this garrison. But everything you've done for use won't be forgotten and will live on forever.
Thank you for being our XO.

And Bruce, Cyclops, good luck mate. I know you'll do great. Wink

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A credit to Rick and everything he's done for the Legion at every level.

From having the nerve and the sheer audacity to suggest we could have a squad here in Queensland, to being as daft to suggest we would one day be the biggest Garrison in Australia....

You designed our Garrison shirts, which have gone into be the pseudo Legion standard.

Respect is never given, it's earned. Good job, Rick.
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Thanks Cobra for everything you have done for the Mackay guys! Congratulations Cyclops, I'm sure you'll have the support of your team and do exceedingly well!
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