Garrison Command Changes Feb 2019
We have a few changes happening.

Cobra will be stepping down a s GXO and having a well deserved rest.  Cyclops will be stepping into the GXO role.

A big thanks to Muppet for stepping into the GML role when Phantom got sent to PNG.  Top effort mate.  He is being replaced by mammasith as GML.  Thanks muppet for training mammasith up and helping out.  Legend.

Cueloopz will be stepping down as GMBO and replaced by Slide Effect.  Matt has been awesome at getting the cheapest supplier in the freaking world and creating some very cool merch.  Just look at our 10 year coin.  His passion and dedication to the role has been top notch.  Enjoy the break amigo.

Being in a command position is not a reward.  It is a punishment of sorts.  We really need to thank those that put their time and efforts into running the garrison.


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