Hello from Christchurch NZ
Hi all,
My name is Joel and I am a member of Outpost 42 New Zealand Garrison. My wife and I are coming over to Oz for a holiday in May and will be in Brisbane from the 23rd-25th. Just wondering if any local members would be keen to meet up for dinner or drinks? (and maybe trade some merch?)
Cheers, Joel
Hi Joel, I'd be keen to meet you both and have dinner one night. I'm sure that other members would be just as keen Smile
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Hello Joel,

Just let us whereabouts in Brisbane you will be and if you are interested in a dinner and there will definitely be troopers keen for a meet up.
Hi Joel we're heading over to Christchurch for Armageddon the week after you're here. We'd definitely be keen to catch up while you're here.
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Hey guys,

We will be staying with family in Wynnum west - not sure where is central to meet but if you can orgainse a spot that works we can find our way there im sure! My wife is pretty keen on shopping so I imagine we will find outselves in the city most days anyway Smile

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We would be keen
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