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Hi guys. New guy here. I've known there have been Star Wars groups out there for a while now but I've only now plucked up the courage to join one. Attended a Supanova event today and saw a few guys trooping around in differing Storm Trooper armour and finally thought I'd try and find a group of other people I could meet and get into this sort of stuff with. I don't really know all that much about costume building and such as I've been a kind of watch from afar guy until this point so any tips or anyone willing to help would be greatly appreciated. 20 years old and living in Brisbane so if there's anyone in the Brisbane area wanting to help or just in general chat I'd love to. So far all I have is an EFX Collectables A New Hope Storm Trooper helmet and I also have an Original Storm Trooper E11 Blaster Rifle that should arrive in a couple days. Not sure if those 2 are ok to use though as I'd originally bought them before I'd intended to join a serious group. So yeah, any help or guidance would really be awesome and looking forward to joining some people that love Star Wars as much as I do. Smile
Welcome to the forums! You will find alot of knowledge of building parts here Smile
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Thanks Smile when is the next meetup or troop being organised? I’d love to meet some of you guys and see some of the Armour\how it’s built so I can get some idea of what to do.
Welcome. Check the events section on the forum for when we are trooping, the next one is on May 3rd at South Brisbane station for Starlight week and there is quite a few happening around then
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Welcome to the Redback forums.
Looks like you want to become a Stormtrooper Smile, may I suggest you sing up to the Detachment that looks after that costume.
www.whitearmor.net Biggest resource for Stormtroopers in the Galaxy.
Head straight to the "Getting Started" tab and have a read. There is a mass of information there and many very knowledgeable members who are always willing to answer any of your questions.
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Welcome to the forums! If you go to the "Social Events Calendar" section, you'll see a lost of upcoming troops that you can put your name down for. And listen to Sly when he talks about Stormtroopers. He knows a thing or two
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Welcome to the forums and get ready for a journey you won’t regret. See if you can pop along to a troop here and there to help out and meet some of our members. We can always use a good wrangler while you build your armour Smile
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Welcome to the forums, sound advice from Sly , one of our foremost experts in everything stormtrooper.

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