May the 4th Be With You Concert
Troop Report 
Troop Date:

Saturday 4th May 2019

Troop Address:
Mount Coot-Tha Botanic Gardens
152 Mount Coot Tha Rd
Mount Coot-Tha QLD 4066

12:00pm arrival 

Mission: To help The Brisbane Regional Youth Orchestra raise funds for Make-A-Wish. 

Trooper Attendance:
Wrexham ANH  91167
MyKill ANH TI 20552
Donut ANH TK 50180
Blue  IN 11005 
Dark Dora Dz 70809 
Teiwaz TB 12311
Bikuchan TFA Kylo 81915
Kelz  ID 17305
Disco ANH TK 90373
Ranger Tex Staff Officer Black 4423

Star Scribe

Support Crew:

Details: For some troopers it was their second troop of the day.  A little switcheroo on the change room meant the professionals got to show us how to do a carpark change.  All was fine! Nobody mentally scarred as a result. We joined the Australian Army Band Brisbane and then The Brisbane Regional Youth Orchestra at the outdoor Band Stand.  A couple of hundred people enjoyed the music and food trucks while also giving generously to the charity.  Lots of selfies and photos with the troopers before the rain bucketed down.  There will be some armour and associated pieces airing across Brisbane right now.

Thank you to all the troopers for their patience with the various detours along the way.

Charity Funds Raised:  $318.70 for Make A Wish Foundation all collected before the rain started.

Injuries / Malfunctions: Nil if you don't count the trooper who went missing for a brief rainstorm......

Public Incidents: Nil

Mission Status: Complete Success.

Photos: Imgur

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A great troop, shame about the rain but I have to say that the crowd was very generous with their donations and super nice to boot. Thanks for organising it, Iceheart Smile

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Wonderful to troop with everyone.   Great job organising this one too. :-)
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Well done , huge day for some of our troopers.
Thank you sue. It was a great troop and loads of great communication in the lead up. Happy to troop with you any time!!
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Great report Sue. Definitely trying circumstances with a limited weather window, awkward changing facilities and uneven, slippery surfaces. The crowd and both bands were delighted to see us, and I think that was reflected in the donations. You got us out before the worst of the weather, unlike the weddings! Great job thanks Sue and well done troopers.  Doppeldaumen1
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Thanks for organising the troop, I had a great afternoon.
Thanks for the great troop everyone (and especially Iceheart)

I know I turned up frustrated and grumpy (dang GPS! Hehehe), but trooping with you all improved my mood immensely!
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Thanks Sue for organising this great troop. It was a lot of fun.
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(Sunday 5-May-2019, 10:56 PM)MyKill Wrote:  Thanks for the great troop everyone (and especially Iceheart)

I know I turned up frustrated and grumpy (dang GPS! Hehehe), but trooping with you all improved my mood immensely!

We understood, all good.

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Great work guys - bummer about the weather!
I am so glad I found you and didn't kill you.
It was a really fun troop, just sad that I was late due to running a little overtime at the Hospital troop that morning. Had to drive in full kit and then went on a manhunt to find everyone. Then after about an hour, the storm started to roll in. Thank you for organising the troop Sue.
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