Lego Store Dreamworld - May 4th 2019
Troop Report 
Date: May 4th

Venue: Lego Store Dreamworld

Time: 9-11am

Mission: Be impressive and get pictures with customers of the Lego Store.

Trooper Attendance:
Beanie Rex 4159
chopper TK 7967
Cre8tiv TA 41138
TK Hesh TK 180772
Blue IG 11005
Bolt_2112 Cody 33827
Studio 49 Vader 49000
MyKill TI 20552
KattaK Guard 6362
redpaint tb 6263
Spooky DZ 19770
cavx IG 31138
Dino TB 8836
Drone DS 21783

RL: Username & costume - mark N/A or delete if not applicable
Lucky Phil Jedi Anikin
Tamsin Princess LeiaM/GA etc: Username & costume - mark N/A or delete if not applicable 

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance:


Arrived at 8am, all signed in made our way to the trailer which was once used for another Jedi known as Cosentino.
Ready for 9am, make our way past the old marching grounds back of house to the Lego Store, wowed and amazed by the Lego creation, the public was just stunned in owe of us.

Group split into 3, out the front of the store, inside and in the display room with all the cool lego.

Around 10am, the news crew of Channel 9 and 7 arrived, did a little zip around of us and Lego, both featured on the nights news.

more pictures and a few group pictures we wrapped up around 11am. A few of the troopers quickly dearmoured and returned to the store for some discounted Lego sets.

Thanks to APOK for being first POC, many thanks boss!

Charity Funds Raised: N/A
Injuries / Malfunctions: None that i know of.

Public Incidents: None.

Mission Status: Successful and Store manager Scott was quite happily impressed with us and looking forward to the next time we can work together.

To be uploaded to the Imgur account later.
[Image: CtjvZdX.gif]
Distance traveled to troop: 97261kms

Great work !
Fantastic work troopers!!

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I am so glad I found you and didn't kill you.
Awesome work, I’m sure it was an enjoyable troop .
Awesome troop! Big thanks to Beanie for organizing the day!
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Thanks for running this one Beanie. Spewing I missed it. Great work everyone.

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