Good evening all! My hubby FivesForFighting is a new clone - and has bought me an unpainted scarlet guard helmet for my birthday. Guess what my project is for this year... With a 7 month bub to juggle, we'll see how long it takes to get this 501st-ready. Next stop: the build thread!
Welcome....good to see another Royal Guard joining the ranks Smile
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(Friday 17-May-2019, 08:06 PM)Buddy Love Wrote: Welcome....good to see another Royal Guard joining the ranks Smile

Thanks for the welcome! Well, eventually Wink Got a bit to do, but I'm excited!  Jig
Welcome to the forums, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your journey.
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Welcome to the forums. Great first costume.
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Welcome. Love to see more crayons :D
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Welcome, always great to see more royal guards joining.
What guard are you thinking of?
There is the classic Return of the Jedi. ROTJ
The one one from Attack of the Clones. AOTC
The best one from Revenge of the Sith. ROTS
Also rogue One.
Plus you could also go for the armoured guards, either Shadow, royal or Senate.
Just make sure you decide on what one you want first, as the CRLs are different for each.
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Welcome to the Redback forums, exciting times ahead.

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