Magneticon 2019 Report
Troop Report 
MAGNETICON 2019. Townsville Entertainment Centre.
Date: 1st and 2nd June 2019

Venue: Townsville Entertainment Centre

Time: 1000 – 1600 Both Days

Mission: To spread the imperial awesomeness and to raise money for a well deserving charity.

Trooper attendance:

Nighthawk – 1st Appearance as TD

Shadowhawk - DZ

BuddyLove - TR

Kemen – SL 1st Appearance as Lord Vader

Red Empress – TR, TS

DannytheBlue – TK

Iceman – BH GREEDO

NQDude - Wrangling

BlackEmber – TI, TB

DShrike – TB

PChii – Wrangling

Zerebin – Attending with a Booth

Seantrooper – TS


DannytheBlue – RL - Pilot

PCHii – Jedi

RedEmpress - Jedi

This is Magneticon's 4th year in Townsville. This time around we trooped at the Cities Entertainment Centre right on the foreshore. Our raffle this year was for the Children’s Charity ‘VARIETY’. All proceeds going to car number 501. We had a slightly odd custom X Wing helmet painted in REDBACK colours and markings for 1st Prize and for the 2nd prize a couple of pimped out Range Troopers on top of a tracked transport. These awesome prizes happily donated by BlackEmber and Ron from Hemble Creations respectfully. A special thanks to Rick for his great work on the POP BOX. Special guests included the B..E..A..UTIFUL Stephanie ‘HEX’ Bendixsen who happily posed for a photo. Plus the talented Dean Rankine from the Simpsons. We also got to see the behemoth Brother Braccus from Becosplay. Good work all.

We posed for as many photos for all the fans and a huge number of children this year. At one stage we were inundated with little ones leaping at out fist pumps and high fives. We had lots of little tots with mum n dad and one crying baby.

Raffle: $ 133.40

Donations: $ 94.90

Total: $ 228.30

Slice Excess:  - $ 110

Extra: Nil

Injuries/Malfunctions: Nil to report.

Public incidents: Nil to report.

Mission Status: This year’s event was a great success, especially after hearing that it may not have occurred. It would not have been possible if it were not for the great KATE and SCOTT from Piper Promotions for making it all happen, and all with 6 months planning. Partnered sponsor Joyce Mayne Townsville for promoting and putting their efforts in. A great catch up with friends and a wonderful time was had at the mixer. 1st prize went to a 501st Fan Patrick and 2nd Prize to our very own DShrike.

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Awesome stuff mate. Great event and good troop report
"I'm entering a contest to win a Ford Tippex. You have to say what Cornflakes mean to you in 10 words. So I said: Cornflakes. Cornflakes. Cornflakes, Cornflakes. Cornflakes, Cornflakes, Cornflakes, Cornflakes, Cornflakes"
Well done on doing a great job as POC Rob , much appreciated mate. A great weekend we had!!
Tusken " Better DEAD Than SMEG!!! " DancingTK

Great report Rob. It was a great weekend. Let's have some Brisbane folks come and visit next year.
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Great work guys! Looks like a fantastic event
I am so glad I found you and didn't kill you.
Fantastic effort by our NQ brothers and sisters.
Great job as POC Rob, awesome work all round troopers
Thanks Rob. Great work on POC & troop report. Thanks to NightHawk & Shadowhawk for making the trip up from Mackay! An awesome two days Peace
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Nice one guys, wish I could've been there
Automatic doors make me feel like a jedi 

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thanks for the good weekend guys! Let's keep making it bigger and better Smile

also since you mentioned the space marine :P

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