Greetings from the Malaysian Garrison
Hi everyone - My name is Steven Harvey (ID24568) and am currently the XO of the Malaysia Garrison. I am originally from the Sunshine Coast. I now work in Malaysia and am back in Australia for a 6 week Summer Break. I am hoping to join in on a few events while I am home and get to know some of our global brothers and sisters of the 501st. I dropped in briefly to say 'hi' at the Kurwongbah State School Fete last weekend and plan to help out at the Open Cockpit Weekend in Caloundra in a few week's time. FraserPop III sounds pretty cool too, but that will depend on how our holiday plans pan out. My daughter is a part of the newly formed Galactic Academy Mimban Campus of Malaysia and is excited about trooping in her Jawa costume too.
Anyway, hope you don't mind me/us sharing in the fun of your events. Hopefully see you soon.
Steven Harvey
ID/IN/IC/TI 24568
GXO 501st Malaysia Garrison
It was nice to meet you at the fete on the weekend! There are lots of awesome troops coming up for you to come along to. I think you will find we are a friendly bunch!!
Peace FNG Peace
Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your stay and get to meet a few of our outstanding troopers .
welcome Steve!!
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Welcome mate was nice to chat with you on the week at the school fete troop. Might catch you at the open cockpit weekend.

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If you are down the gold coast way let us know and we'll catch up for a beer.
Welcome Steve, look forward to meeting you at QAM Open Cockpit weekend
Where is my salute trooper?  Wink
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Welcome back to Qld mate.
I’ll be trooping at the Open Cockpit weekend and staying in the Caloundra area on the Saturday night. Catch up for a post troop beverage
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