Garrison Command changes July 2019
Please thank Nighthawk for stepping up as GWL.  I've asked him to take a break as we will be getting Kev Vader to join the GWL team and also be the poor dumb bunny to organise all our archive stuff with the new Wiki plug in the web team are trying to implement....which sort of broke the forums.  It wasn't me for once.

With the extra body it is a good time to let someone have a break and Trevor drew the short straw....lucky bugger.  He'll be able to focus more time locally and continue the great work that is happening up north with the Venom Squad and its members.  It really is going swimmingly up there.

Thanks Trevor, enjoy the break.
Thanks for your efforts Trevor , thanks Kev for stepping up and taking on the additional roles , good to have you back on CS .
Thank you for your help Trevor,
Thank you for stepping in Kev
Thanks for your work Trev
Welcome back Kev.

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Thanks for the hard work Nighthawk!

Welcome back Kev

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I am so glad I found you and didn't kill you.
Thanks Nighthawk....

Suffer in ya jocks dint run fast or far enough.....
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