Application for 501st approval
Hello everyone,
I’m interested in joining the Redback Garrison as a ANH TK stunt.
Just wondering on how I would go about doing this.
I’m about 95% finished on my build and wondering what the next step would be.
Thanks for your help,
Tyrone Johns

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Welcome to the forums, good to hear you’re progressing well with your build, check the current CRL specs to see where you are at , , this with give you the vital information required, visit FISD detachment and sign up for any further info , you also have the option of starting a build thread on these forums.
Excellent thank you

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Hello ,welcome to the garrison
I am the GML for the Redback’s
Please read the following threads they will help explain what you need

When your ready to submit your photos send them to

Any questions please ask
Excellent thanks heaps, I’ll read them straight away.

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Hi Tyrone, its Sly from FISD.
Sent you a PM through those forums so have a read. I see you found your way here so you can ignore that part of the PM.
Hope to see you approved soon but please don't hesitate to reach out, I'm here to help.
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Thanks again for your help, it’s been more than helpful.
I’m just waiting on some new mic Hovi tips because one fell out randomly. But apart from that I’ve address the advice about the ab button paint , so newly good to go.

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