Geebung Special School Book Week
Troop Report 
Date: 16/08/2019

Venue: Geebung Special School

Time: 9am to 10:30am

Mission: to attend the assembly

Trooper Attendance:
RBG: Teiwaz- TB, Kelz- ID, Blade_Seduction- TX, Mykill- ANH TI, Blue- IG

RL: Ashlyn_Dubreas- Rey

MM/GA etc: Username & costume - mark N/A or delete if not applicable 

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance:
Little Wicket- Lucario, Donut- Grinch

this is the 3rd troop we have done for Geebung Special book week.  this year we had a great turn out of troopers.
we don't have to set anything up for this as we just attend the assembly for the schools book week.
troopers arrived by 8:45 and were taken down to the change area for the commencement of assembly at 9am
we get taken into the hall by staff and are led up onto the stage of the assembly and get photos with the classes as they come up and show off their costumes for book week.  we then help hand out the prizes as judged by the admin team.  this year after the assembly we got to participate in the dance that happens at the end of each assembly which was a lot of fun. 

after assembly we hung around for another 10 mins and got a few more photos and visited a couple of the kids that don't make it into assembly.

no major issues to report, a couple of over stimmed kids were getting a little rough with Donut but I stepped in to provide a blockade as I know them due to working at the school.

otherwise a very successful morning the kids absolutely loved the variety of costumers this time instead of just myself and staff really appreciate the time we take out of our day to come down.

thank you all and hopefully we get some of you back next year

Charity Funds Raised: none Geebung is a registered charity being a special school and this troop is just to support the school

Injuries / Malfunctions: none that I was notified about

Public Incidents: one of the students was a little over stimulated and was getting a bit rough with Donut- I stepped in to intervene

Mission Status: success


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Ee chee wa maa!
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Great work guys!
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Thank you for the opportunity to come to this troop
It was a lot of fun and the kids were amazing.
DZ Ashlyn Dubreas 
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A fantastic event guys!

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I am so glad I found you and didn't kill you.

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