QUT - Robotronica
Troop Report 
Date: Sunday 18th August 2019

Venue: QUT Gardens Point campus - 2 George St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Time: 9:00am-4:00pm

Mission: To attend Robotronica at QUT.

Trooper Attendance:
Redback Garrison:
Bolt_2112 - B1 Battle Droid and wrangling
charlichaplin - TK
Cyclops - wrangling
Dark Dora - DZ
Fives.for.Fighting - AS
Kelz - ID
major payne - R2D2 and wrangling
MyKill - ANH TI
sharpshooter2231 - ID
Studio 49 - R2D2 and wrangling
Teiwaz - TB

Tatooine Base:
Ashlyn_Dubreas TLJ Battle Rey
Donut - Snowspeeder Pilot
MyKill - RFT
Thrawn V'jun - RFT

Details: The Robotronica Robotics and Technology Festival is hosted by QUT every two years. Following the work done by the 501st and RL in 2015 and 2017, the organisers invited us back and made a substantial donation on our behalf. 

Being a free, all ages event with lots to see and do, combined with perfect weather, the crowd was 25K+ and was solid all day. QUT supplied us a great spot with 2 marquees right next to our change room in Old Government House. One walled marquee for storage, and the second we used for a droid display.

For the display we let loose the creative works of Major Payne, Studio 49 and Bolt. In addition to Payney's chirping and functional R2D2, Bolt displayed his full sized B1 Battle Droid, and Studio 49 displayed his "in progress" R2D2 build. It was important how these three interacted. We couldn't show an incomplete R2D2 without a working example, but being able to show the inner workings and construction of the droid fascinated the robotics crowd. The display generated enormous interest throughout the day. There were 3D printed components, electronics, folders of photos including photos showing the droids' build progress, and also the original R2D2's construction for the movies.

The crowd was well behaved but they just never stopped coming all day. We were short on numbers so we kept to a tight precinct around the marquees and change room. But the performance of the team was as relentless as the crowds. Troopers again stepped up to support each other all day. They pulled long stints in costume and wrangling. It was a very professional turnout and the event manager said she was delighted by the feedback she had received about us. 

Thanks everyone for your efforts, in particular Bolt, Studio 49 and Payney, for bringing your gear with very early starts and long drives.

Charity Funds Raised: $2418.70 for MS Queensland. Robotronica $2000. Buckets $418.70. 

Injuries / Malfunctions: Nil

Public Incidents: Nil

Mission Status: Complete success.

Photos: Imgur album here: https://imgur.com/a/x9MC705

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Was a good event , certainly worthy of a higher profile , hopefully we get an invite back in two years .
Well done everyone and apologies we couldn't be part of the effort.
What a great troop! Big thanks to Teiwaz for being an awesome POC and keeping the event running smoothly.

There was one Injury/Malfunction .... Teiwaz almost fell over after he got his foot stuck in the cammo netting  Lol
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Great works troopers, sorry I couldn’t make it this time!
FNG SN17 OCC2015DW2015BN15DW2016 DW2017
It was a great troop. Had so much fun!
TI Ashlyn Dubreas 
Rebel Spy Wink Tie
GCSN18 DW2018 OCC18 SN18 FNG
Awesome work, bummed I had to miss it

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I am so glad I found you and didn't kill you.
This was a great troop to be part of along with a wonderful result. Well done everyone it's always fun trooping with you all.
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Well done troopers

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Great troop, happy to be a part of it.
You forgot to mention the mountain of sandwiches QUT provided. Delicious was an understatement.

Third year R2 has attended. It just keeps getting better.

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Feedback from the Robotronica Program Manager this morning:

Hi Dave

A massive thank you for your participation - please pass on our thanks to all your members who came on the day. The 501st was as popular and visible as ever!

Your contribution helped make this year’s festival the largest program to date with over 70 events and activities presented over the day. The scale and diversity of the program allowed the general public to gain an understanding of the way robotics is impacting every aspect of our lives.

Approximately 22,000 people attended Robotronica and the event garnered significant media coverage including a preview piece by Channel 7’s Sunrise program and also news stories from Channel 7, 9 and 10 on the day. As with previous events, there was substantial social media coverage with a 153% increase in Facebook event responses when compared to the 2017 event.

We couldn’t have achieved these fantastic results without your participation and we want to particularly acknowledge the huge commitment so many put into planning, travelling, staffing and delivering each presentation. So once again thank you from the whole Robotronica team and we hope to see you at the next event.

Here’s a video snapshot of the day, and event photos and an official recap video will be added to the website in early-September. We are always looking for ways to improve the event so please don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts on the strengths of the program and where we could improve.

It was brilliant to have you and your team here and we hope it can happen again next time ?

Kind Regards

Jonathan Parsons Creative Director
Laura Watson Program Manager
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